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Team Newsletters

6th Grade:

  • Team Exceed
    Ms. Eakes, Ms. Rooks, Ms. Stokes, and Ms. Smith
  • Team Excel
    Ms. Holt, Ms. Haviland, Ms. Haynes, Ms. Reese, and Ms. Culbreath
  • Team Extreme
    Ms. McCranie, Ms. Schmidt, Ms. Fretwell, Ms. Culbreath, and Ms. McNeal

7th Grade:

8th Grade:

  • Team Impact
    Ms. Peets, Ms. Musgrove, & Ms. Carlisle, Ms. Moye, and Ms. Brown
  • Team Synergy
    Ms. Davis, Ms. Cullifer, Ms. Godwin, Ms. Tipper, Ms. Moye, and Ms. Brown
  • Team Neon
    Ms. Mears, Ms. Sheffield, & Ms. Lane

All Teams' Summer Challenges: