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Teacher of the Year 2023-2024

Mrs. Ragin Teacher of the Year

Lee County Middle School West Campus

 Teacher of the Year


Lacey Ragin 

Mrs. Lacey Ragin, a seasoned educator with 19 years of experience, is currently shaping young minds as a 7th grade Life Science and Social Studies teacher at Lee County Middle School West. A product of Lee County, she graduated from Lee County High School in 2001 before embarking on her educational journey at Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW). In 2005, Mrs. Ragin earned a Bachelor of Science degree from GSW, followed by a Masters in Early Childhood Education in 2007. Building on her commitment to professional growth, she completed her Specialist in Middle Grade Education from GSW in 2022.

Mrs. Ragin serves as the Science Department Chair at Lee County Middle School West, bringing 19 years of teaching experience to her leadership role. Notably, she introduced a successful school-wide Science Fair program, encouraging hands-on learning and student participation. In addition, Mrs. Ragin hosts the STEM club, further demonstrating her commitment to promoting science education beyond the classroom.

Mrs. Ragin is a part of  a student mentorship drive, nurturing teacher-student closeness and school unity. Her initiative encourages positive exchanges, fostering trust and respect. With dedication, she cultivates supportiveness, enriching academic and personal development.

Outside the classroom, Mrs. Ragin finds joy in the great outdoors. She's an avid backpacker and traveler, cherishing moments of exploration and adventure. Alongside her family, she creates lasting memories, embracing the beauty of new places and experiences.

Mrs. Ragin is married to Clint Ragin and is a proud parent of four children: Jessica (27), Cole (25), Brylie (14), and Brooklynn (9).