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Principal Savelle, John
Assistant Principal Ford, Zeth
Assistant Principal / Instructional Specialist    Smith, April

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Counselors, Front Office, Media Center, & Nurse

Counselor Daniels, Keia
Counselor Dowdy, Danielle

Bookkeeper Odom, Mitzi
Infinite Campus Clerk  Youmans, Crystal
Receptionist  DeReus, Shannon
Media Specialist Burriss, Allison
Media Clerk  Skinner, Liz
Nurse Millsapp, Donna

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Sixth Grade

Team Exceed    
Math  Eakes, Christy
Science  Stokes, Lisa
English Language Arts  Rooks, Brittany
Social Studies Smith, Julie
Inclusion Culbreath, Carletha
Team Excel    
Social Studies Holt, Melissa
Science Haviland, Kelly
English Language Arts Haynes, Stacy
Math Reese, Kyli
Inclusion Culbreath, Carletha



Team Extreme    
Science & Social Studies Schmidt, Katelyn
Math & Social Studies McCranie, Shantele
English Language Arts & Social Studies Fretwell, Dailyn
Inclusion Culbreath, Carletha
Inclusion McNeal, Rebecca

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Seventh Grade

Team Force    
Math & Social Studies Harper, Sara
English Language Arts & Social Studies Brock, Brandon
Science & Social Studies Ragin, Lacey
Inclusion Brown, Michelle
Team Apex    
English Language Arts & Social Studies Williams, Darrah
Math & Science Faust, Billi
Team Phoenix    
Science Holloman, Voneeta
Inclusion McNeal, Rebecca
Math Kierce, Paige
Social Studies Riddle, Bill
English Language Arts Joiner, Hope

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Eighth Grade

Team Impact    
Science & Social Studies McCook, Lauren
Math & Social Studies Carlisle, Rhonda
English Language Arts & Social Studies Peets, Jennifer
Inclusion Brown, Michelle
Inclusion Moye, Yolanda
Team Synergy    
Math Davis, Audra
English Language Arts Godwin, Shelly
Physical Science Tipper, Jackie
Social Studies Cullifer, Abbey
Inclusion Moye, Yolanda
Team Neon    
Math & Social Studies Sheffield, Amber
English Language Arts & Social Studies Mears, Jessi
Science & Social Studies Lane, Kamryn

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Andrews, Sierra
Art (First Semester)         Clenney, Lindsey
Band Smith, Will
Chorus  Powers, Marcus
Computer Science McClung, Vonnie
Exploratory Faircloth, Lisa
Physical Education Kremer, Jim
Physical Education Hamilton, Kaion
Physical Education Suggs, Dwayne
Physical Education Elder, Lakeshia
Spanish (Second Semester) Dolan, Mary
Math Support Specialist  King, Sharon
Title Math Gill, Becky
Title Reading Duckworth, Jade

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Special Education

Special Education Keen, Ashley
Special Education Pollock, Melissa
Special Education Courson, Bryce
Speech Therapist Stoklosa, Lauren

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Support Staff

ISS                                        Slappey, Andre
School Resource Officer Barnhill, Allen
Inclusion Paraprofessional Carlisle, Tyler
Inclusion Paraprofessional Nelms, Kimberly
SpEd Paraprofessional Kelly, April
SpEd Paraprofessional Creel, Stephanie
SpEd Paraprofessional Nelms, Rebekah
SpEd Paraprofessional Bush, Ashley
SpEd Paraprofessional White, Latricia

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